Midwood Energy Challenge February 2012

Free Money! Who wants it? The Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association has made it their goal to help its homeowners save energy + money! They have held insightful seminars, given away free Energy Audits, and other free energy-saving products.

The Neighborhood Association will have a first come, first serve offer until all the ENERGY CHALLENGE 2012 cash is gone. There is funding remaining for approximately ten homes. PMNEC has opened up a Matching Fund to all Midwood residents to help pay for some energy saving home improvements. They will pay up to 50% of the total energy retrofit up to $230 to get you rolling. You know your house needs it!

The PMNEC is requesting (not required) that you have an energy audit completed to help prioritize improvements. Sounds like a great way to save some cash!

Here’s the list of Approved Retrofits and Improvements:
(must be approved prior to purchase)
1. Comprehensive Home Energy Audit
2. Low Flow/High Efficiency plumbing fixtures (Showerheads & Faucet aerators)
3. Air Sealing Package (attic, basement, walls, etc.)
4. Attic Insulation
5. Window and Door Weather-stripping Packages
6. Water Heater Blanket
7. Duct Insulation and Sealing (audit documentation required)
8. Wall Insulation
9. Floor Insulation
10. Programmable Thermostats
11. Fireplace Pillow
12. Attic Tent
13. Others upon approval

Here’s a helpful list of Approved Companies:
1. KMC Green Team 704-344-9411
2. Energy Smart Homes 704-684-4589 / 704-684-4329
3. Others upon approval

Contact Tom Egan via email at energy@plazamidwood.org or phone at 704-840-5282 to take advantage of this amazing offer!

Sign up to take the Energy Reduction Pledge at www.energy.plazamidwood.org for a chance to win more gifts and prizes. If you know a business that would benefit from a Bike Rack please let us know. Part of our grant goes to install as many bike racks as we can.

Happy $aving!!!!

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