New Restaurant Opens in Plaza Midwood!

Feast your ears on this…Midwoodhappily welcomes a New Restaurant to theneighborhood: Joe Hooper’s!

All fans ofThe Diamond and The Penguin MUST check out Joe Hooper’s! Similar in its Southern cookin’, yet different in its atmosphere!

What a great way to start the New Year! A new restaurant comes to Midwood: Joe Hooper’s Beverage & Sandwich Exchange opened in Plaza Midwood earlier this week.With so many restaurants to choose from in Plaza Midwood, Joe Hooper’s has a unique and memorable atmosphere, PLUS to-die-for FOOD! With tons of delicious appetizers, from fried pickles toRed Neck Poutine– Tater Tots topped with Velveeta Cheese, Bacon and Mushroom Gravy…. Yuuuummmm!

A great spot for lunch or dinner, Joe Hooper’s Beverage & Sandwich Exchange has it all! From sandwiches to burgers (all in the 4-5 dollar range BTW!), sides of fries, TDF southern uniquely Southern apps like tater tots, veggies & more are all large and can be shared or hogged of you’re feeling kind of piggy! Joe Hooper’s has a superb salad selection. And if you decide to dine in the evening, Joe Hooper’s offers a diverse beer list! The perfect spot to gather with friends and family, the environment is good for kids too! The perfect neighborhood spot to grab a beer and watch the game, you’ll loveJoe Hooper’s Beverage & Sandwich Exchange, located on Central Avenue in the heart of Midwood!

Oh, and did I mention that Joe Hooper’s is from the same group that brought you Bramwell’sWhiskey Warehouse, and the All American Pub in Southend. Hurry by and try it today!


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